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         The development of an embryo is based on the coordination of complex behaviors of a large number of cells. Our lab is interested in unravel these dynamics by filming single cells inside the live embryo. We use a quantitative live imaging approach across biological scales to visualize how embryonic cells cooperate to build an embryo from one single fertilized cell.


      The bioimaging technology allows us to perform a comprehensive analysis from gene expression to subcellular mechanobiology in zebrafish, mouse and human embryos, and synthetic tissues. We are particularly interested in the protective role of epithelial cells in tissue homeostasis, regeneration and immunity. 


Epithelial phagocytic dynamics in early zebrafish embryos

images and videos from Nature 2021, 590:618–623         

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esquema inicial.jpg

High number of apoptotic cells (red) cleared by the

EVL under stress conditions  

Phagocytosis of an apoptotic cell (red) by an epithelial cell (F-actin in cyan)

Real-time dynamics of phagosome content processing in an epithelial cell 

Endogenous errors in cell division of progenitor cells leading to cell death 

An apoptotic progenitor cell cleared by the surface epithelium (EVL)

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